New year ramblings

My first entry for the year! At long last I finally am able to give time to blogging. Seems like I am better off doing this in the middle of other work/acad load instead of during breaks and vacations. I supposed it has something to do with having a dial-up connection at home.

It is year of the pig and according to the feng shui featured on the news. This is not my year as an ox. As I remember it the feng shui expert said that I won’t have any luck in work. I hope it is not true. But as of now, I still don’t have a clear path in any career since I still don’t have any answer or call from any company yet. *Sigh*

I don’t have any new year’s resolution in mind. Not that nothing needs to be changed, it is just that I don’t really do it anyway. And I have no plans nor motivation to begin now. Shucks…my first entry sounds so gloomy and angsty. I guess I have to end this now before I become too depressed in the end. Tschuz.

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