My first simbang gabi

Together with a some batchmates who stayed awake the whole evening (last last Friday) for the batch party, I was able to attend my first ever simbang gabi. Before I thought of simbang gabi as an event where a priest just makes a very boring early sermon while his supposed listeners just sleep away through everything. Well, although I was partly correct, it never occured to me that nowadays there would be a gimmick to keep everyone awake! I don’t know if it is just at UP’s church or my being a newbie at simbang gabi but I was definitely awed by the experience.

The sermon was done with a powerpoint presentation projected to a large white screen on the ceiling. There was a dance production too! Complete with costumes and props. My personal favorite was the one danced by the ‘feathered’ men. My first simbang gabi lasted close to an hour and a half but I wouldn’t mind if it lasted another hour more. I learned a lot about Catholics and I must confess it felt wonderful surrounded by people with such strong faiths. I guess to rationalize or put a description for wonderful, it made me realize that faith (on a general sense) is simply one of those things we usually tend to constantly forget therefore my first simbang gabi was such an invigorating experience for my own faith.

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