PDA finals night

I am currently watching the PDA Finals Night. The winner is Ms. Yeng Constantino. Personally though I’d prefer if any of Chad, Irish or Panky won. Yeng already has so much specially with the song Hawak Kamay raking in royalty fees for her family. Chad and Irish simply looks good on screen. Both will obviously become movie stars someday. On the other hand, Panky’s voice is simply explosive. The three would have been perfect winners in my opinion. I just hate Mr. Hilot, Jay-R, and Ronnie. The first one’s got problem with diction while the other will never be able to show real emotions.

Oh well, what’s done is done. I only wish that they aren’t just flavor of the month for the Filipinos. Kudo’s to all PDA scholars. I know all of you got the talent to make it big so don’t blow it up by letting it get to your head.

3 thoughts on “PDA finals night

  1. nong napanood koh ung PDA finals grabe im so xcited gs2 koh n kzing mkta ung crash kng c papa ronnie,,,,,jejeje,,,i wnt 2 met her in person,,,,,his my idol coz he s a handsome todo na 2,,,,,by d way congrats pla ke yeng grabe super duper galing moh at ang cute m pah sav ng iba my hawig dw taung dlwa……sna mamet kta im person…bbyyee sna meron png part 2,,,,

  2. i thought the blondie IRISH Fullerton shud have won…….hey guys check her myspcae she’s so amiable like she’s to befriend every fan………..

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