Where’s your ID?

The UP Administration has a new policy implemented this year. It is the No ID, No Entry policy. As a result the market for ID straps has suddenly flourished in the campus. I probably would have thought of buying one also had I not remembered that I already have two straps dangling on my neck – my CP and flash disk. But now that I think deeper about it I really don’t need an ID to get to class anymore. In my college all I do is just give the guard an ‘autograph’ on her logbook once then I can freely enter and leave the building. Sometimes an autograph is not even needed – either the guard is preoccupied or it is already after 4pm in the afternoon (usual time of last class to most students so the guard is bit lax in security already). Now, that may be because of familiarity but what if the building is where a hetergenous mix of students enter like CAL. Well I found a solution for that. Wait for your teacher and go inside with him/her. Make a small scene wherein the manong guard will surely remember and presto you don’t have to give him an ‘autograph’ anymore. Familiarity again becomes your ID.

Don’t take me wrong here. I am not against the No ID, No Entry policy. It does somehow increase the level of security of the University for at least the guards are now more observant on who is going in and out of the building. However I want to relay the message that it has its flaws. There are some who can get pass this policy. Therefore we must not be too complacent in leaving our things unattended.

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