Which shall you choose – to keep things bottled up inside or to confront your demons? The first one is so easy, act as if nothing happened. But then if you keep it up, chances are you become the world’s nuclear bomb number three. And what’s even worst is that might happen on the most important moment of your life. However if you choose the latter, you expose yourself to immediate pain and possible loss.

The decision is hard, isn’t it? And to think the cause is something or more commonly someone else. Life is so unfair. To all those people who can never see pass what is beneficial only for themselves, please wake up. Now, you might think that you have done nothing wrong, but are you sure? My personal test is the golden rule. How would I feel if the same thing happens to me? Would I like it to happen to me too? Remember the test is ‘Would I like it to happen?’ not ‘Do I deserve it?’. The two are different. First one is focused on harmonious living while the latter pinpoints personal principle. Now if you are hurting someone then you can never call it living in harmony, right?

So if your answer to the test question is no, then stop. Don’t forget to also reverse and/or makeup for the damage you have done. In a way it will serve also as your apology.

The gamut of emotions we humans have make us delicate. Let us learn to have control and try not to hurt ourselves too much.

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