Confessions of a Kapuso

Since high school I have always been a Channel 7 fan. I watch TGIS instead of Gimmick, spend my afternoon with Eat Bulaga and the rest of the nights watching anime like Ghost Fighter. I was indifferent to ABS-CBN but that easily turned to hatred when they decided to end abrubtly some of my few favorites such as My Eternity and Naruto.

I am a loyal Kapuso fan even when they were still ranking second best to ABS-CBN. The reason is that I believe that they have the best news team in the country. That is what matters most to me.

Of course there was the occasional devotion to certain Channel 2 shows such as Meteor Garden and Lovers in Paris, but it was really the Kapuso network which dominated my full attention everynight. Except these past few months.

I now find myself watching almst 4 hours straight Kapamilya shows. From the suspense-racked Deal or No Deal upto the late-night news Bandila, I cannot steer myselft away from the TV. I don’t want to admit it but I think I have become a Kapamilya. Oh no, Kapuso GMA 7, do something please!

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Kapuso

  1. hello! just bloghopping. 🙂

    anyway, i think loyalty to a certain TV station is craziness. But I can say I’m a kapamilya, not because I love the company but i’m on the side of the network which gives me better shows and it’s abs for me. Astig kasi ang primetime ng abs ngayon. and not to mention, nag-improve ng malaki ang News and Current Affairs nila.

    Fave ko dari yung Probe Team sa GMA. kaso lumipat. ahihihi.


  2. I love GMA 7 because of their news team plus my normal dislike for anything very popular. And back in high school abs-cbn is making the other channels eat dust in the race of becoming the top tv station in the country. Astig na kung astig ang abs primetime shows pero I would rather be a Kapuso. “Walang kinikilingan… Serbisyong totoo lamang.”

    I don’t think the Kapamilya network will ever beat the Kapuso news team.

  3. uy, hindi kita inaaway ha. hehe. pero ganun talaga, kanya kanyang taste lang. i just hope yung susunod na Philippine Idol season, makuha ng gma7 kase… hmmm… hindi talaga maganda yung sa abc-5 ngayon. pero i heard na 3 seasons yung contract. hmmm.

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