Happy Feet review

One word. Wow! Happy Feet has all the elements I ever wanted in a movie. Wonderful musical score, wacky characters, and a very touching storyline. As much I want to divulge what parts of the movie enjoyed very much, I won’t. I might spoil the fun for you. Just take my word for it. Watching Happy Feet is a real blast!

3 thoughts on “Happy Feet review

  1. Happy Feet is a good movie. Watched it last night. Its a blast, though the animation was not really as good as that of NEMO. The story was amazing. Light but touching all the same.

  2. is this actually a review? you gotta be kidding me. don’t mistake a comment to a review because the latter gives details, it enlights the readers, it makes them think. what youdid was just comment how you liked the movie without elaborating why. and who writes a five-line review, anyway?

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