New Bag

Yesterday’s Accenture exam was a bit too fast. I was not able to finish some parts. But whether I pass or not I am happy. I have a new bag. There were also a jacket and 2 water jugs raffled away after each finished exam module. This freebie strategy to attract the best applicants is great but I did not like the examiners. They came very late and were too aloof during the whole exam. How hard is it to give just one smile? It makes me have doubts about joining the Accenture family.

Accenture Bag

2 thoughts on “New Bag

  1. […] It was the weirdest exam I have ever taken in my whole life! They named the employment exam as Information Processing and Aptitude Test (IPAT) which in my opinion could be renamed to ‘Inde Ako Papasa Talaga Test (translation: I’ll Surely Fail Test). I could have let go of the fact that they came late, (1pm exam started 1:25pm) or that one of the examiners forgot to give me the test materials (first the test questions then next the calculator) or that it was very quick (27 minutes) and short but I was just weirded by the fact that I started the exam without the examiner giving the usual exaplanation of the different exam modules. I was simply caught off guard when I started. Yes, the examiner, Miss Dina told us who she is and gave a brief overview of the company which is friendlier than that of Accenture’s however when it came to handling the exam proper she was a disaster. How? One she did not tell us what we were allowed to do and not to do. Second, she did not explain what the materials they gave us is for. I was unsure if the other paper was for scratch or not because something else was written on it. I thought it was another special paper that is part of the exam. Third, she was not even that assertive in exercising the time limit on each modules. Fourth, as already mentioned she did not explain the objectives or instructions is each module. It did not help that the some of them I have never encountered before. Fifth, and the worst of all, the time limit is inclusive of reading the instructions! It was such a waste of time. I had more hopes for my Accenture exam. […]

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