Unusual Alliance

“Internet search rivals Google, Yahoo and Microsoft formed an unusual alliance on Thursday to support a shared standard regarding how websites are pinpointed for their indexes.”

“Yahoo and Microsoft announced they would each support Google’s “Sitemaps 0.90″ protocol instead of using different standards for submissions by webmasters.”

Does this mean that they are admitting Google is better? Oh well, so what the heck if they do. For the benefit of the people why not. But I have this uncanny feeling that somehow they are doing something fishy. It feels like they are comparing notes – looking at search records of each other then updating databases. An alliance meant they can benefit in ‘streamlining’ not just the how data is gathered but also how data can be used. Like selling it secretly to a particular person or entity. But that is just an ill feeling most likely caused by getting to watch too many of Manny Pacquiao’s face. Tonight afterall is the eve of his third fight against Morales.

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