About to blog something then not

I had something controversial and funny to blog about today but a colleague suddenly made a comment and hit my conscience. Afterall, one of the consequences of my supposed-to-be-post can be drastic. In what degree you may ask? Well I could make someone lose their job and probably even a diploma. It means therefore that I could ruin a person’s life should the post reach certain readers that can steer the situation to such an unspleasant route.

I did not dream of hurting anyone who has done me no harm so I did what I believed was the right thing to do – inform the persons involve in private rather than make it public. The offense was not grave and could easily be remedied. My colleague was right. If you find something wrong in a person, telling the whole world about it will not solve anything. In fact, cliche as it may sound, it can only make matters worse.

For what I did today, I feel a little better about myself.

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