No longer Nokia

I have been meaning to tell people that I have lost my cellphone a few weeks back, I only remembered to do this now. Actually I lost it during the typhoon Milenyo. When I got hold of my bag that got left behind (without my fault) at my college, my cellphone was no longer there. Lucky enough that it was only a Nokia 3310. A brand and model which totally sounds generic in my ears. When I here people talking about cellphones whatever social class they may be I easily picture them using Nokia phones. In short I got to thinking that since there are too many users of Nokia it may be one of the reasons I don’t value their phones very much. The only solution therefore was to change brands. I got myself a Sony Ericson. It is still not one of those high-end models but I am pretty happy with it. As long as I can call and text then I am satisfied. Although I am extra happy because I just find their green orb logo so enchanting. That and the fact that finally I get to own a cellphone with colored graphics. hehehe. As for the network provider, I am still SMART even when most of the people I know are already Globe. I am still waiting for someone who will be kind enough to give me a Globe sim and load for free. Just in case your that person please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. *wink*

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