Sanyo’s way of doubling CD-R capacity

I ran a search on google for the meaning of burn-proof when this link came at the top of the list. I did not know there was such a thing as “HD-BURN” Technology. According to the link, “HD-BURN” can double the writing capacity of a conventional CD-R media. Looking at the bottom of the webpage I see that the copyright of the site is from 1999-2005. I assume therefore that the page was posted there on 2005. It’ll be year 2007 in just a few more days but still not a mention in the market of a cd-burner with such a feature. I guess Sanyo got smart enough to think that they are making such a poor product.

Why? With a DivX codec I can fit a movie in one cd and burn it in any regular cd-writer. If the issue would be playing them, well all I have to do is buy a player that can play DivX movies. There are lots of them in Baclaran and Raon at a price range of P1800 -P2500. Heck if you go to some SM supermarkets they may even have them at a one year warranty. Who needs “HD-BURN” Technology? I would rather have a DVD-writer.

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