At the end of the rainbow

I felt so ecstatic when our feasibility was finally over that I did not even notice that I was shaking until a classmate told me. Nothing in my environment mattered. I did not care if I looked like a fool while walking with one big grin plastered on my face. I was very very happy. I was even singing my heart out at the workplace where I decided to spent the rest of the day. But then that’s just it. I WAS very very happy.

After a few hours the happiness was gone. The adrenaline probably got flushed out already from my system. But see what’s disturbing is the fact that I ended up feeling very sad instead. I felt empty like I had nothing left to do anymore. And as if nature was even symphatizing, it rained heavily that day.

If this is what it really feels like when you finally get what you truly want then maybe one is better off being dreamless in life. This is just the effect of finishing one subject, I wonder how I’ll feel after graduation.

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