Goodbye Feasib

At long last our feasib[ility] presentation is finished. It kept on getting rescheduled but I am not complaining, at least we had lots of time to prepare and change the financials. A shout-out to Kaka, and Ange for giving us a copy of your work of the previous semester. Super thanks to Maggie for emailing tips for the presentation plus also letting us view your paper. To Cham for saving me the hassle of solving for PHISIX and providing the beta we needed for the WACC computation, thanks! And of course to those who have lended us another LCD projector because the one we rented turned out to be incompatible with my laptop. Please forgive me if I don’t know your name. To all of you, again super thanks. Don’t worry if you have any problems with your PC you can count on me. 😉

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