DSWD is now into FOSS

Department of Social Welfare and Development is now shifting to Open Source. After factoring in the savings they are going to get from using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), DSWD chief of information systems development division Mr. Felix Armeña already had “at least 25 select employees representing regional offices of the department training at the UPITTC this week. About 25 employees from the central office had already been sent earlier for training under the same institution. A third batch of 25 employees will follow.”

They will also be using computers with PC Linux in them. Unlike in UP where FOSS advocacy from current administration seemed to have weakened for I no longer am hearing any strong support from the non IT and key officials in Quezon hall, DSWD seems to be serious with their decision. Armeña said “This (FOSS shift) is no longer an experiment”. I say, good for DSWD and for the taxpayers’ money!

Now, if only other Government agencies will follow the enlightened path DSWD is taking.

3 thoughts on “DSWD is now into FOSS

  1. That is the problem. The administration needs to issue a statement supporting FOSS in UP. Unfortunately, as of the last meeting, I was informed that they’d rather keep mum on the subject.

    Yes, it is a pity indeed. Heck, even the UP Diliman Chancellor’s Plan does not include IT or any traces of it!

    UP is bound to fall far behind the rest of the Philippine universities if they do not get their acts straight!

  2. Probably sir the current UP administration is thinking that as long as the internet is up and working then we really aren’t lagging in terms of IT. For a non-techie person I beleive it is normal to picture IT not beyond the process of turning on their computer, checking their mails in yahoo and chatting with friends on YM or chikka [remember first episode of IT Crowd]. Although we do not expect them to automatically be able to picture the ‘outside of that box’ the best thing they probably can do is ask people who do know about it.

    The question is, are they willing to listen? Most probably yes but the next question is the real turning point. Are they willing to change? I think probably no, so UP loses a lot in the end because some people are afraid of using another OS.

    For them it means no more yahoo games and no more chikka. So better not talk about FOSS for now.

  3. I agree. The administration should pay more attention to the IT status in the University. It is supporting critical functions in the university like CRS, web services, etc.. I hope they are not waiting for something major to really happen before they realize the importance of IT.

    And those better be legal copies if their running a commercial OS. I imagine how it will look if the very people in the Academe are involved in piracy…

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