Braving the storm ‘Milenyo’ II

Chapter 2 – Strong Winds

After descending from the 5th floor of a groupmate’s white and blue apartment, a blast of wind greeted me. I silently cursed for not having any jacket with me. It was a 3 minute wait before an empty tricycle passed by. I waived frantically at him and he stopped. It was a big mistake. The darn passenger’s seat of the tricycle has no cover what so ever from the rain and the driver was even leisurely taking time in getting to our destination. The weather was whistling cold, I was fuming hot.

In brown Islander sandals I walked towards LRT2 Kaipunan station. I saw two toppled down trees along the way but I still felt confident that I can ride the train. My hopes started ebbing as too many people seem to have crowded outside the station. I walked towards the bag-check guards nonetheless. And then I heard words I did not want to hear at that moment, ‘Sorry po ma’am, brownout.’

Curses. I wanted to get home quickly. Feeling totally lucked out, I took a jeep for Cubao.

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