Braving the storm ‘Milenyo’ I

Chapter I – A Decision was Made

Wednesday night, news came out that there won’t be any classes the following day because a typhoon named Milenyo (international name Xangsane) is coming. I was itching to blog about it like what I usually do but I can’t. I was stuck in Starbucks Katipunan until 2:15 am planning the feasibility defense with my group mates. It was the saddest news of the day, sadder than the fact that I don’t have a change of clothes for the next day since my groupmates left my bag in UP. With a promise from my forgetful groupmate to retrieve my bag at first light, I slept with my rain and sweat drenched maong and Y4IT t-shirt for one evening.

Thursday morning. The day of the storm. Also the day that I am supposed to get my bag. I had been wearing my clothes for more than 24-hours ; I was dying for a bath. Around 11:45pm then came the terrible news, they could not get my bag because the personnel who has the keys to the room did not report to work. Which isn’t surprising, I mean who in his right mind would go out in a Signal no. 3 storm. One could get stranded at UP or worst at the nearest hospital. Everyone is better off staying indoors.

But at that time I was not thinking straight. I was not afraid of the storm. I was not thinking that there is one. Only one thought is consuming my consciousness at that moment – I WANT A BATH. I no longer cared what follows during a storm. I want to get rid of my favorite Y4IT t-shirt. Milenyo (Xangsane) or not, I went out.

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