Events Aftermath

Y4IT was a tiring but fun experience. The organizers were very generous with the food and freebies. I’d like to volunteer again next year. I hope they will accept a non-UP student. By the way I want to thank Pio’s brods for tying up with us for the event. To be honest if it really weren’t for APO the UnPLUG volunteer presence would be close to zitch. Quoting what our president said “I still cannot feel the true force of UnPLUG“. I totally agree with him on that. The XGL presentation was cancelled and we only had the burnfest instead.


As for the Software Freedom Day last Saturday, well it went out fine even if the original programme was not really followed. In fact it was very good to see a lot of people interested in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Someone from TESDA asked if we could help them also in learning more about Linux and there was another school which invited our organization to talk about FOSS and Linux. I hope that the number of Filipinos who open their eyes and decide to try out something else aside from the very common Microsoft would continually increase. To learn more about what happened during the morning, please visit Chin Wong’s blog.

It just saddens me though that he did not even made a slight mention of Philippine Linux Users Group tie-ups. Our organization for example or more so our president, JM, went to great lengths to secure the venue. He even saved PLUG a sum of money because he convinced the UP Engineering administration to give it to us for free! And through Blue Point’s sponsoring we were also able to give out free snacks of corn in a cob, cupcakes and juices to the event attendees and Rodic’s lunches for our guests from PLUG. But Mr. Wong does not know that so I cannot blame him for thinking it was mostly PLUG’s effort so I cannot be such a sour grape. Nontheless *sigh* I am just a little crushed from not even one sentence of acknowledgement.

But enough drama, Mr. Wong did not mention what happened during the afternoon though. I myself was around only in the morning since I have to submit a very thick paper in Makati for a certain major. Anyway I am basing it on secondary information. The programme about technical presentation went on smoothly plus the Frozen Bubble tournament handled by UP-ACM. When I arrived though at around 5pm. they were already packing up but I stayed at UP until 7pm since there were still a lot of people at UP Computer Center where our burning center of Linux distros is located. I am terribly sorry for those who are expecting to get a free copy since our CD supply is already depleted. They now have to provide the CDs on their own. I hope that they understand that our sources are limited.

And of course, saving best for last, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who attended and the organizations that help out this year. Thank you to the Philippine Linux Users’ Group (PLUG) for tying-up with us and taking care of the speakers and topics, the UP College of Engineering Department of Computer Science (UP COE-DCS) for giving us the venue for free, UP Computer Center (UPCC) for allowing us to use your resources for our burning stations, Association for Computing Machinery – UP Student Chapter (ACM-UP) for handling the Frozen Bubble Tournament and sponsoring for the prize, to APO-UPD for helping us marshall the event and to Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation for becoming the event sponsor. Next year again, okay? 🙂

UnPLUG has one more upcoming event that people should watch out for. And that is the Open Sourcing in UP (OSUP) that will be on its fourth year already on March next year. Hopefully we can outdo ourselves again.

3 thoughts on “Events Aftermath

  1. It is sad to find out that UnPLUG did not participate much at this year’s Y4IT but I have heard that they attended the after-event PARTY! tsk tsk

  2. I admit our faults sir and I am terribly sorry about that. As the acting representative for UnPLUG for Y4IT I should have communicated to our members that those who were present only during the side-event shall not be considered as a Y4IT volunteer. I got sidetracked by some other things and that was a big mistake on my part. The lack of volunteers from UnPLUG disregarding Pio’s friends though is something out of hand. I cannot force them to do things. We thought UnPLUG was ready to volunteer since we did have a number of people who expressed willingness to do so. But come the days of the event…well to say it nicely most UnPLUG members did not really show much enthusiasm to do their part of volunteer work. Y4IT seems to be seen for its free meal and freebies not for the potential feather on the cap for UnPLUG. It is sad. Because these members failed to see that they are bringing the name of the organization to shame and their pulling with them others who are giving it their best. It truly is sad sir. I hope you could tell Sir JP that on behalf of UnPLUG I am deeply ashamed that our organization alone lacked presence in Y4IT but I hope that he appreciated those members though that he saw gave all out effort possible. Again my deepest apologies for such a tragic performance from UnPLUG. This sembreak there will be major restructing in the organziation as proposed by JM and which I, most definitely agree to also. I sincerely hope that after that we can straighten out all the kinks in UnPLUG.

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