Feasibility Files

I was absent for quite a while because I have to rush our feasibility study. To be honest, I believe we did not start until Saturday night. I for one got very busy with org stuffs. Last week I have to think about Y4IT and SFD. If only our professor was a little strict enough in assigning deadlines on certain parts of the paper, I am sure there would not be any need to cram. Not that I am complaining, her style is still okay with me because at least I learned how to cram. And the reaI world will aboslutely throw a couple of ‘cram’ moments at my direction. I think it has never happened to me that situation where I am still doing a big project or important paper two hours before the deadline. Imagine we were still printing at around 5:00pm and the printer is doing like one page per minute and we still have to have it binded at shopping center. I would love to say ‘that was too close for comfort’ but I am not sure if we were able to submit it on time. I had to leave my groupmates to take a quiz in my Chinese class. I wish we did make it. I cannot afford to repeat the subject. BA 129 is very expensive. Currently, I still don’t know how to sew the big hole in my pocket.

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