Local Providers Not Ready for the OS revolution

According to an online article of inq7.net RP companies are now considering open source alternatives in their business. In fact,

IT is no longer a question whether or not local companies should go open source. It is whether local providers can deliver open source solutions, executives of local software companies have said.

The problem however is these local providers, be that the ones who supplies the computer hardware, software solutions or network access seems oblivious to the growing demand for open source alternatives. Currently there are already some PC stores which sells hardware bundled with the Linux operating system. However when you ask them what linux distribution they will install, their saleperson will just look at you wide-eyed as if you just have spoken in another language.

As for the network access like a DSL connection, I recall a friend’s anecdote on how the technician of PLDT told him that their DSL service is not compatible with linux when he saw my friend’s Ubuntu desktop. Only to be stunned when my friend configured the PPoE in matter of seconds and make their ‘incompatible’ DSL work under linux.

Clearly none of those local providers mentioned above are prepared for the Open Source Revolution. And I am pretty sure there are numerous like them also in this country. They should start educating themselves about Open source if they don’t want to get left behind in the profitable industry of technology. And just in case they want to start doing such, I can readily help them on that part. Give me an email at royalflare/at/gmail/dot/com. 🙂 My friends and I do Open Source seminars and training for a reasonable fee.

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