7 Stupid Things in the Philippines

7. Pinoy Big Brother – hearing another person’s problem or opening a closet of skeletons on live television is the last thing I want to see after a hard day’s work. There is no reality in television. The moment the person knows he/she is being watched by millions of viewers his/her actions are already tainted with pretense. Stupid

6. Pinoy Dream Academy – A PBB teen edition in disguise. Another crappy show that show cases to the Filipino youth that it is okay to be a loser now because it could get you a slot in a reality based show. What is so scholarly about grouping together a bunch of misfits? They are not there to set their lives straight. Please. It’s all about the fame and money. If they really wanted to change their lives for the better they should have gone back to school and pursued a degree. Washing dirty laundry should be done in private. Oh, and might I add that putting non-Filipino speaking ‘scholars’ just adds to my disgust for the program. It is supposed to be for Pinoy’s right? I would have preferred if they have put real brainy kids with no money for the show.

5. TV Patrol World – ABS-CBN should start firing their creative team. I mean what is so appealing about adding World in TV Patrol? Their foreign stories does not even make-up a quarter of all their news reports! How can they classify it as a news program that is representative of what is happening around the globe. Stupid Kapamilya move again.

4. Richard Guttierez and Angel Locsin – I hate seeing their faces over and over again. It is high time that GMA 7 finds other stars to shine.

3. Manny Pacqiao Commercials – He is everywhere. On TV, on radio stations, on billboards, on tricycles, on caps, on kiddie shirts etc etc. One more glimpse of his face or voice and I am gonna puke. The man already earns a lot from his boxing stints and he does not need an influx of commercial offers to add to his fortune. Besides whoever is accepting his projects for him, clearly does not have any idea on what image they want Manny to have aside from being the Philippine champ. I mean just look at this, he endorses two totally contrasting products – milk and beer. What if the kids suddenly think their both the same. His ads really make me sick.

2. Pink Urinals – Men really do have a lesser bladder capacity than women but that and the fact that maybe the our country really does not have enough money to pay for a decent toilet are not enough reasons to allow men to pee on the streets that way. It is like saying ‘take a leak anytime and anywhere.’

1. Bag Checks – Security guard just inserts magic stick inside the bag and then presto! You are  instantly bomb free. They don’t even have to take a look at what’s inside which is okay I suppose because we don’t want to interfere with their gossiping. Sheesh! Now that’s one helluva stupid security. I feel so safe already.

54 thoughts on “7 Stupid Things in the Philippines

  1. I just hate the idea of exploiting people for entertainment. It is apparent that sometimes their class activities are already fishing for issues in their life that’s just waiting to get magnified for the producers to profit on. However I will agree on one thing, those kids have talent.

  2. wow you are very strange………why do u make this website. Philippines is a great country!! oh yeah it does have some little bad stuff about it but look at other countries there not perfect either!

  3. If you actually read the whole article, none of the statements were directly implying that the Philippines is stupid. He’s just pointing out the stupid things in the country people fail to realize. What is stupid about Filipinos is how defensive they are when people insult their country but FAIL epically when faced with facts that prove their mistakes.

  4. @cj
    1) The website is not titled Stupid Philippines. It’s called Ai’s Lounge.
    2) And even if you meant the post , not the website, the post is titled Stupid things IN the Philippines not Stupid Philippines.
    3) Honestly do you really not find the pink urinals and bag checks very very stupid?

    @cj is an idiot
    thank you very much for enlightening cj of his blunder. I don’t believe he read the article fully.

  5. we (citizens) are not stupid. no one, either. stupids are those people who looked upon other people as great and bright. they are, still, the insulares and peninsulares …

    look!!! who are moneyed? who are beautiful? who are in power?

    answer : the insulares and peninsulares (plus lackeys) and the payables (aka government men and retainers)

    maybe, we (aka indios) are stupid

  6. Who looks at you as great and bright?

    Chinese, Japanese and Korean ARE great and bright.
    Filipinos provide nothing but issues and problems to society. I went to one of my filipino co-workers house and the entire family was eating rice with their hands, do you not know how to use chopsticks?

    Do you make cars? computers? electronics? mobile phones? Anything people can use to get on with the day to day business that is the world? No.

    Phillipines have stereotyped themselves as, Poor, cheap, ignorant, arrogant, overly-defensive and freeloaders or leechers. One of the countries in Asia, that has not developed or evolved much or if it all since the older days. Your economy is still the same, corrupt, lacks quite a bit of management. I guess women can’t do a man’s job in the looks of your president.

    Where does all this pride and defense come from? Fail.
    When Manila advances higher than Tokyo, everyone will see you people as a “doing better” but right now, you are far from it.

  7. to further prove a point,
    Where did the stereotype come from with women and men

    WOMEN – Online webcam whores who leech off foreigners to pay them for sex shows on broadcast? Prostitutes? or the ones who marry american soldiers so they can get out of the phillipines… HAS IT REALLY COME DOWN TO THAT? pretty low.

    MEN – Cheap bastards

  8. are u crazy??? did u know the main purpose of showbiz and advertising industry??? haler!!!!its all about money and wealth… they use famous people to endorse their product as an additional appeal to the consumer..come to think of it!!! if YOU are the endorser in a milk or alcoholic drink, would it be effective or appealing??Does the company sales higher with your commercial than manny????
    You need more learning in business and economic aspect to understand why advertising company hired popular people for endorsing a certain products.
    ….what a damn idea…

  9. @Tony Ciccarelli and WHAT?
    yey! I’ve got trolls. Time to feed you.
    You don’t know what your saying. How can you even generalized like that? Have you ever been in the Philippines? Lot’s of tourist come to the Philippines for the beauty it has to offer. And they come back again because of the hospitality they experienced inexhaustibly during their visit.

    It was not a topic of effectiveness of Manny Pacquiao commercials it was a topic of what I find stupid or more so dislike. I know his face on anything would sell but that is not my argument. Because honestly I couldn’t care less because I’m not a fan of Manny Pacquiao, period. If you ever felt it, it is the same as the feeling of immediate animosity over a certain person. That is how it feels. Adding the fact that the way his PR handles which commercials to accept is also stupid because as you said it is all about money. Never mind endorsing beer and milk at the same time simply because it pays.

  10. Hilarious false security indeed. Every time I walk into the mall, you get lightly touched once or twice around the waist. I just laugh. I want to say, “hey dumbfuck, you missed the explosives strapped around my ankles under my pant legs”

    I mean, here’s the fucking deal: If you’re going to frisk me, THEN FRISK ME!! Otherwise, keep your fucking hands off me!! because everyone knows they just tap tap around your waist, so if you want to bring a .38 snub nose pistol into the mall, just strap it on your ankle.

    What a bunch of dumbfucks!

  11. It’s sad really how in showbiz, dignity and morality exploited have somehow become schemes of entertainment and money.

    regarding other comments…
    I don’t think it’s relevant to make a hasty generalizations or a comparison to other countries. It is a criticism to this Pinoy generation, and I really to believe it is become, in your terms, “Stupid”

  12. You know, what you wrote are things that irritate you. You should have written about real stupidity…like for the incoming elections. The mass people are stupid because they vote stupidly. The mass people are stupid because they want jobs but are too lazy to finish their studies…etc…etc.

    You should have written general stuff and not what irks you. I think it’s stupid for people to patronize ABSCBN for clearly all of their programs are contributing a lot to the degradation of the Filipino people. WTH happened to morals by all those lascivious shows, PBB, that show about Angelica Panganiban, etc. KIDS watch those shows. I was horrified when I saw these shows when I visit other people’s houses.

    I think most Filipino stupidity is also being backward thinkers. (If you’re thinking, you would see the fallacy of this statement.)

    There’s a lot more. Hope that you would post something better next time.

    …oh yeah, please fix your grammar. It’s just a bit embarrassing,if I were you, to post about a race being stupid when a post has a lot of grammatical errors.

  13. If you’re a Filipino, it’s hurting to read this kinds of stuff. Though it’s reality, why just think of ways on how you can help improve this kinds of stuffs that IRRITATES you? Instead of saying things that this irritates you, why don’t you do something about it? Everyone can read this and this won’t help in the development of the country. Please be respectful in your words, do something good. Instead of making NEGATIVE sites like this, why don’t you try to look on the GOOD side of the country. I think that would help. Promote Philippines, do not be the one’s ashamed of it.

  14. @A
    The point of having a personal blog is being able to talk about whatever you want under the sun. ‘Nuff said

    As for grammar my mother tongue is Filipino why must I care if my grammar is always perfect or not? I’m not blogging to win a Pulitzer. 😀

    I didn’t say the whole RACE was stupid. It’s just things I find stupid. Other people don’t think so anyway. The operative word is I. Again personal blog ring any bell?

    Making a criticism implies rooms for improvement. Normally improvement would mean doing the exact opposite of what is causing the issue. Example, I say bag checks are stupid. Implied solution: remove bag checks. If government officials reads this blog and sees replies of thousands of people agreeing to bag checks are stupid then that might make them reconsider removing the law. In which case I don’t have thousands of readers and comments. And don’t make me go to my local official and tell them about it I’m most definitely sure they and everyone including the security guards know bag checks are stupid. Same goes for the others. Somethings are out of your control doing alone. That’s why I need readers who would somehow agree on some points so these officials know that I am not alone. But somehow there are just some people who would rather be blind to the truth then just go say “do something good”. Saying the truth is terrible but It think it should make you feel good in the long run.

    Just to be clear. I’m not ashamed of the Philippines. There are just some things which really are stupid IMHO.

  15. some1 once said ” if u give a fish to a filipino , he will eat it for a meal , if u give a fishing ROD to him , he’ll burn it as firewood” now THATS how stupid filipino is . . .
    . . . the so called college ” GRADUATES” cant calculate percentage over here , n the ” English Teachers” dont know the difference between HE and SHE . . . so imagine how the students will turn out to be . . .
    this is just a country of liars , filipinos are SO stupid that they dont even REALISE that they are stupid . . . .

  16. to KKK : –

    I’ve been in Phils for the last 3 yrs , n WHOEVER i met , is BLLLLODY ashamed to be a filipino . . . cz they know who they are . . .
    jst tell me ONE thing that a filipino should be proud of EXCEPT Manny Pacqiou , n i’ll apologise to u wherever u want . . .

  17. my own WIFE is a filipina , n even SHE agrees that filipino people are LIARS . . .
    . . . the very fuckin day i find a filipino who is really HONEST . . . I’ll lick his feet n drink his pee . . .

  18. @ cj
    “wow you are very strange………why do u make this website. Philippines is a great country!! oh yeah it does have some little bad stuff about it but look at other countries there not perfect either!”

    – Yap , right bro , no country is Perfect , but ATLEAST they TRY to be perfect . . . urs DOESNT . . . .
    . . . n most probably ur a LIAR too . . . .cz ur a filipino . . . unlike others in ur country , atleast ADMIT it . . .

  19. this is funny and i dunno whether i can drop a sensible comment, but i agree with the stupid things originally posted, although they’ll be ranked differently on my list. Pinoy Big Brother and Manny Pacquiao commercials will be one and two respectively. ^_^

    oh, and i like this statement said by royalflare:

    “The point of having a personal blog is being able to talk about whatever you want under the sun. ‘Nuff said.

    As for grammar my mother tongue is Filipino why must I care if my grammar is always perfect or not? I’m not blogging to win a Pulitzer.”

    Very true indeed. :))

  20. @ Avi… its just like you’re saying that your wife is a liar too.. remember, she’s a Filipina. Lols

  21. @Avi
    How dare you say we Filipinos are liars!!! I am a Filipina and I’m not a liar! I lived in Chicago, met a white woman who herself admitted that she can’t keep a secret or secrets and she lies most of the time! Being a liar doesn’t have to do with your ethnicity or nationality! It solely depends on the individual no matter what country she/he comes from! Nobody is perfect as in no country is perfect! The Filipinos you met may have belonged to a different type of Social Class. Remember that there are different types of Social Classes of people in every country you go. . . I love my country and will always do. It’s the poor leadership that gives the Philippines a bad picture, but we, Filipinos, in general, are friendly, hard-working, and hospitable people, to name a few. I will forever be grateful and proud to be a Filipino.

  22. Avi, in your three years of stay here in the Philippines, haven’t you been to places like Makati City where you’ll meet most of the people from the upper class? You might feel intimidated then, and change the way you think of us Filipinos in general. . . It’s a surprise tho why you married a Filipina if you think we are all liars. I worked as a Private Caregiver for a white Jewish woman who suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease for four years in Chicago. Just to let you know that I gave honor and pride to my country for my excellent performance, integrity and devotion to my work.

  23. @Tony Ciccarelli and What? … I wish I can invite you both to come and visit my place here in the Philippines. In my own house, it’s been our practice to use spoon and fork every time we sit and dine together around our dining table, including our househelp. My daughter graduated in college from Ateneo de Davao with honors and is employed in a big Foreign-owned company in Makati. No one in my household, family friends and relatives are “Online webcam whores who leech off foreigners to pay them for sex shows on broadcast?” and “MEN – Cheap bastards” Excuse me! My husband is a hard working man, educated, honest, dignified, to name a few. I’m also proud of my sons! Never call our men BASTARDS! Don’t generalize! Take a look at this sites and educate yourselves. Then, look at your own selves in the mirror, then your own family/friends/relatives, and lastly your own country: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution, http://civilliberty.about.com/od/gendersexuality/tp/History-of-Prostitution.htm, http://www.cwrl.utexas.edu/~ulrich/femhist/sex_work.shtml, http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_do_people_stereotype_and_judge_others

    Sa iba kong mga kapwa Pilipino. Wag naman kayo ganyan, kayo na mismo ang nagbibigay ng pangit na imahin ng ating bansa at dahilan para bastusin tayong LAHAT. Hindi nyo ba naiisip na ano man ang sabihin nila damay kayo? Kahit mismo sa America na tinataguriang MOST POWERFUL NATION ay may mga kapintasan din, tayo pa kaya? Galing ako don at nanirahan ng matagal. Malaki ang gulat ko sa nakita kong katotohanan na hindi ko alam noon na maari din palang mangyari sa tulad nila. Pero nakita ko din ang kagandahan at kabutihan hindi lang ang kapangitan. Sana tingnan din natin at ipagmalaki ang maganda at kabutihan ng ating bansa at kapwa Pilipino. Magtulungan na lang tayo at magkaisa para sa ikauunlad natin at ng ating bansa. Hindi pa huli para baguhin ang dating baluktot na pagiisip, may pag-asa pa.

  24. Heehee yepppp seriously tho dang the exploiting is hella annoying. Freakin Wowowee or whatever is just to get the people to cry >:{. Oh and the the original things posted are VERY STUPID! Everyone take it personal now cause I’m attacking you ! Take a joke, do you really think he means that ALL filipino men are “BASTARDS” ? Cmon now, how old are we.

  25. I completely agree with all of the posts. . . But I don’t think all of this posts can be consider as a brilliant ideas to make these stupid things right. . . But I like it anyway. . .

  26. hahaha! you look stupid with your sour observations. Seems like you don’t know what you’re talking about. i like the comment of >>>>>>>
    Pinoy Stupid Says:
    November 26, 2006 at 5:46 am
    ( Pinoy Dream Academy is a singing contest in Big Brother format, I believe. So poor brainy kids really shouldn’t be there. )

    HAHAHA!!!! you thought you are bright! hahaha!
    Pinoy Dream Academy is a singing contest, ok? HAHAHA! you are stupid and Brainless! You need to undergo a BRAIN TRANSPLANT! Hahaha

  27. pinoy`s are poor in english, poor in mathematics…if u ask any cab to drop you at some address they wont understand that in english and they opens there mouth like a sick monkey. if u ask them some two double digit (ex- 93+49=???????? lol)
    to add they think a moment then opens the calculator option in there cellphone.
    they are too good liers. 99 percent all of them.
    they are greedy for money belongs to you. they don`t want to pay even for your toffee and they will ask you daily for a treat of pizza.
    i did`t found a real MAN in philippines. there are girls girls n girls every where in the country and if there are some man. they are gays . i think only 10 percent are of man population rest are gays n girls.
    they are real idiots on earth with too poor I.Q.(they even don`t know the full form of I.Q.) and poor general knowledge.

  28. @ May
    “Avi, in your three years of stay here in the Philippines, haven’t you been to places like Makati City where you’ll meet most of the people from the upper class? You might feel intimidated then, and change the way you think of us Filipinos in general.”

    dear May , in my 3 years of stay in the Philippines , i’ve dealt with people ranging from the domestic workers TO the Mayors ( 2 of them ) . . . n i can surely say ALL think the bloody same way . . . they just look for a shortcut to get money . . . ( just to mention , i dealt with the mayors for a buss delivery which they never paid for , m not talking about some stupid municipal form or permit here )
    these guys are much higher n powerful than the people in Makati . . .
    n yeah . . . i HAVE been to Makati (many , many times ) , n its not as impressive as much as you’re trying to sell it . . . n i saw more WHORES there than educated women . . .

  29. Avi, I feel very sorry for your wife if that’s how you feel about us Filipinos in general. How can you love her if you hate the country she comes from and her fellow country men? I wish we met when you were here. I will be very proud to show you who I am as a Filipina, and much as a PERSON. What country do you come from BTW? I would love to visit your country, given the opportunity. The way you criticize my country gives me an impression that the people in your country live a very ideal life that every Filipino like me should envy?

    I wasn’t tryin’to “sell” when I mentioned Makati to you. Oh yes, Makati is far from being perfect compared to what you see in other big countries… maybe in yours? But I’m already proud of it…that’s all we can afford! I wish tho, like the rest of my country men, that the men and women who work for the government be serious with their job and make our nation great. Avi, when greed is in their mind then what do we expect? A poor governance…poor families…high crime rates…and many more. I’m wondering tho why you spent 3 long years here in the Philippines when you seem to come from a very ideal country.

  30. For your information Filipinos are great and talented. They aren’t idiots,morons,stupid, or something. Yes, I’m a filipino and I’m only 12 years old.. I have the right to defend my own country.. I won’t let my country being insulted. Yes we admit there are some stupid things here at philippines and it’s because we aren’t perfect and so are you.

  31. “Filipinos are bad in English”. really? Where is your f*cking proof? Not all of us are bad in English and I guarantee you that if we are, we aren’t the worst. Take Japanese and Koreans, can they speak even a simple greeting if they didn’t enrolled in a 1st class school or graduated from college? I moved here in Japan for a year now and attending a public jr. high school and believe me, you’d like to hear a Filipino speak in English than a Japanese.

    And about this “whores” and stuff, aren’t the Americans or the people of the west are more of a slut than Filipinos? I don’t have anything against races but I need to stand up for my country. How about the Red Light District in Amsterdam? The flooding sex videos of Americans in the net? The shameless bitches in chat worlds? I’d take the prostitutes better, I tell ya. Working in a beer house/snack house whatever doesn’t imply that you’re a dirty bitch, there are many people doing it in order to feed their kids, even if it means they need to dirty their dignities. Here in Japan, there ARE many of those people working like that and they are not shamed but PROUD to be working as one.

    But really, it pisses me off when MANY people already throws their stones on others when they don’t realize that there are many stones to be thrown to them as well.

    Also, you just think Chinese, Japanese etc. have nice personalities or such but TRY MEETING THEM and you’ll learn in terms of hospitality and respect, Filipinos are way above them. I, too was shocked to see a boy same age as mine calling his teacher “kuso baba”(old shit)” and telling her to shut up and such, I never saw THAT happening when I’m still studying in Philippines.

    Philippines is not perfect, I admit it, you better admit it, WE GOTTA ADMIT IT. But it doesn’t mean that only us were not perfect, how bout the other countries? They are perfect? HELL NO! Look at yourself first before you look at others.

    “tangina ang ganda ng araw ko ngaun nasira dahil sa mga inutil na marunong lang mamintas”

  32. You know something. you are just irritable just by reading all your post and comments. Because you know what. You are making comparisons of people not knowing their true nature. Almost all of the Filipinos are religious and for what i think only old people would go to church in your country. Filipinos are making a living and you should know that. Oh wait You don’t.

  33. I was just guessing if any of you people know the manilla incident which occurred in the philippines a long time ago. The stupid thing about the murder was that the military(?) turned out to be a bunch of wusses (couldn’t even take a shot, even when the kidnapper exposed himself from head to toe). In the end 8 Hong Kong people were killed. Even now, the government refused to apologize the deaths of the HK citizens… Seriously? This is philippines you guys, and they don’t give a poop if you die in their country, with no hope.



  35. I don’t care for what the people say. But it really hurts reading those comments. Anyway, those are just opinions. Its not right nor wrong. Respect those who respect you guys. Well, if they don’t know how, prove that you are diplomatic one. Prove that you are not one of that kind of Pinoys they are talking about. Why? Because they already proven that they are not – based on the words they posted. 🙂 Keep smiling Pinoy! 🙂 Be proud of what and who you are! 🙂

  36. wow look at these comments? All bashing you because you spoke your opinion about the odd and weird craze in the Philippines. I agree with you what you blogged and I know about 100.99% people are all against it and start bashing you for this. What happened to freedom of speech? A lot of people have opinions.

  37. Be proud? Of WHAT? Here’s the facts: It is a horribly corrupt country, full of liars, thieves, cheats and scammers. It is considered “part of the culture.” Culture? With an overall IQ of 85, it’s the dumbest place outside of Africa. They have no manners at all, are rude, crude, and disrespectful… not to mention that their driving habits are horrendous… having NO regard for human life or safety… with NO sense of any reasoning whatsoever. They constantly do nonsensical things as routine, and think nothing of stealing and robbing from anybody at any time. It is as old as the culture itself… going as far back as history can record. Every house and building has ridiculous amounts of iron bars and security fences to protect from their own neighbors, and nothing is sacred. They steal from their own church, and follow nothing of its teachings.

    Proud? Of WHAT?

  38. It’s been awhile since I read the comments section again so I’d just address my new comment in general.

    All those who hate my post just makes me laugh and I don’t want to keep repeating what I’ve said so just read my original comments in first section of the post.

    All those who are stupid enough to hate everything about Filipinos, I’m sure you are just like that because a bad experience happened to when you were in the country or because a certain Filipino/Filipina may have broken your heart or outsmarted you in losing your money to them. Don’t worry, it’s okay to be bitter just don’t let it show too much in the real world lest you want to receive more bad experiences like the stupid foreigner who made a video of the things he hated about the Philippines without any objective to provide constructive criticism, in foresight to avoid receiving threats and even getting called ‘persona non grata’ by the government afterwards. But he was just the host he said, so I guess we owe him an apology then because being just a host meant it wasn’t his job to think how the delivery should be. Awww because that could mean the nation is putting the heat on the wrong person. Awww to him and to the others like him who just don’t think when they make poorly thought comments on this post. Stupid people don’t think. But it’s not really their fault. Their brain just can’t handle it really so it never really occurs to them to try anyway. I’m really sorry for them, thinking can be hard work and I can’t blame them for not trying.

  39. This blog makes me laugh so much. I lived in the Philippines for 5 long years trying to disprove the whole lying controversy. In the end I left bitter and disappointing. They are ALL liars. Or if you are Filipino……..lyers. Lying is a cultural norm and a way of life to Filipinos. And a way of life. It is the main reason that in 2013 they are still a 3rd world country. Why is it that the US dropped two nukes on Japan in WW2 and look at them now. You know how to tell if a Filipino is lying and trying to rip you off? They start their sentence with the words “I AM A CHRISTIAN”. I know one thing. Hell is FULL of Filipino Christians. What really makes me laugh is all these angry Filipinos screaming Filipino pride. What do you have to be proud of? You have the natural resources to CRUSH the likes of Japan or Korea, but you have nothing. You dont make cars or electronics. And blow it out your ass if you have a few factories that assemble stuff. The fact is you lie because you as a people are stupid. Here is a fact. In the world, the top IQ by country are HK, South Korea and Japan. Top three. Where is the Philippines? #60. Think I am just a hater? Google it and hang your head in shame. And Manny Pacquiao? Last time I saw him, he was lying motionless on the canvas. Sorry Manny, I like you, but your time is over. Time to sit back with a few San Miguels and spend some of that money. Your stint as the monkey god is at an end.

  40. Hi and thanks for this blog but there’s waaaaaaayyyy more than only 7 stupid things in the Philippines. It would be way more easy to talk about things that are running well there. Is there some? The Filipino TV is made to brainwash people to make them dumb because dumb people are easier to manipulate. The laws,the Constitution and the law representatives is all a big joke. The education system is mediocre. Intellectuals and philosophers almost don’t exists (royalflare I consider you like an intellectual because you are able to use your judgment and pointing out the stupidity even if you forgot to mention a lot of things. Sorry for saying this but it’s really hard to meet smart people there. You will walk longtime before meeting one).

    The Filipino culture… What is it? A man wearing one of those ridiculous long white shirt for fags? Eating some street food? Watching a 6 years old chubby girl doing stupidities on TV everyfuckingday? The dance with stick (I find that very primitive)? Does being compacted with a bunch of unknown in a Jeepneys full of rusty nails is part of the Filipino culture? The aswang? Jollibee? The results from corruption we see everywhere we look? The culture of cellphones? showing a peace and love sing with our 2 fingers when we are taken in picture? Shouting at people for them to come in your taxi? Making girls pregnant? Not the religion please? I don’t want to be mean or rude at all. I want to hear some good reasons why we would say that the Philippines is good. Is it possible that Filipino people made the choice of this kind of mediocrity? People look so comfortable in it. Sorry for asking butI still don’t understand.

  41. “Wag naman kayo ganyan, kayo na mismo ang nagbibigay ng pangit na imahin ng ating bansa”

    Eh ano kung pangit? Di ba’t yun ang totoo?

    Di ba’t alipin pa rin tayo ng ibang lahi?
    Di ba’t wala pa rin tayong kakayanang ipagtanggol ang bansa sakaling muling may sasakop?
    Di ba’t umaaasa pa rin tayo sa biyaya ng ibang lahi? Ang computer ko, ang internet ko, pati ang toothpaste ko lahat ito nanggaling sa talino at kakayanan ng ibang lahi.

    Kelan pa magbabago ang Pilipino? Ang mga ninuno natin na nagsabing “habang me buhay me pag-asa”, namatay na silang lahat subalit me nagbago ba? Eto ang pusta ko, mamamatay ang henerasyon natin, papalit ang susunod na henerasyon subali’t mananatili pa rin ang kasalukuyang katayuan ng Pilipinas.

    Kung walang pupuna, walang magbabago.

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