Need comments

I have made a website for a non-profit organization that has the objective of creating a mosque inside the Diliman campus. Currently we only have a place of worship for Catholics and Protestants so why not for Moslems too.

Please drop by and give me any comments regarding the design and layout. I am not that very good with web design so I am very open to any suggestions at all you can give. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Need comments

  1. If you want, you can make the page liquid–i.e. it fits/is centered in any screen resolution–so that visitors wouldn’t have to bother scrolling horizontally. You may also want to use DIVisions in your layout instead of frames. But overall the site site is good–and I tried to stay away from my bias against green-colored web pages :p.

    And as nightfox said, make sure it is W3C standards compliant. If it is, I don’t think you’ll have to bother if IE messes your layout. XD

  2. the links section and the articles are still unfinished… top links still don’t work… don’t have to update at the moment but thank you very much for all your suggestions and comment! I’d try to incorporate them.  oh, alaikum missalam to you Youben12

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