New Words and New War from Bush

According to an emailed opinion from one of’s readers and posted online “President Bush announced the ‘escalation of war on kleptocracy.’ He denounced ‘high-level corruption by senior officials, which is robbing the people of many poor nations of their future.’

Now I got stumped by the word “kleptocracy” because the only thing near that I know is kleptomaniac which means a person afflicted with the illness of taking objects without solicitation. So I went to Google and typed ‘define: kleptocracy’. It is not a very common word because the search only came up with one answer. Usually there are many.

According to the result kleptocracy means

is a pejorative, informal term for a government that is corrupt in its management of public funds in the sense that its management is designed to primarily sustain the personal wealth and political power of government officials and their cronies (collectively, kleptocrats).

I guess it is another term we can call our government and politicians. We are under kleptocracy and we are managed by kleptocrats. Kleptos for short.

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