Bring your favorite Applications anywhere

I cannot imagine myself going back to using Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player unless absolutely necessary. Therefore I am very annoyed when using lan shop computers since most of them do not have the apps I like such as Mozilla Firefox and VLC.

Now if you feel the same way as I do then you might be pleased to know that even though you are not allowed to install programs in most lan shop computers you can still enjoy these very powerful open source applications. Visit and download the no-install versions. Save them in your flash drives or memory cards and simply plug and play.

Never get forced into something. We have the right to choose. Let us use it.

5 thoughts on “Bring your favorite Applications anywhere

  1. it’ll take time to boot up a livecd and your paying every minute for pc rental. all though XGL is great, if only my laptop has intel chipset or ATI instead of SIS. I want XGL! I want XGL!!!

  2. haha.. talked about eye candy desktops.. besides, the important thing there (whether you use an XGL livecd or not, like Slax – a light liveCD) is security. being paranoid is better than having all of your accounts harvested in an easy way especially when you all have your account infos in a single location. 😉

    well, in the case of bookmarks, that can be easily managed via – it has RSS feeds too.

  3. you may have a point but I am still going with practicality. I just need the portable apps at the moment. besides I have nothing to be paranoid about. Its not like they can get anything from me.

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