Slashers and CD-R King

I just lost my MMC card reader yesterday because my bag has this small tear made by a slasher. Now for those who don’t know who slashers are, well they are just those people who carry  very sharp knives or blades and large bags or newspapers. What happens is they will mingle in a crowd especially in public transportations and they will make a tear in your bag even your back jean pockets to get hold of personals like cellphones and wallets inside. Their prevalent here in the Quezon Avenue during the night . In fact I already have two more other bags slashed.  By the way, it is best to drop by Prem’s blog for a few good tips on how to avoid these slashers.

Now since I have no longer any other external storage media aside from the floppy disk I must buy a replacement soon. I scanned the website of known computer stores in the country and found that the most cheapest is at CD-R King. I remember my 256mb MMC card costing P3000 two years ago and now a 1gb PQI can be bought at P1180. Hmmm…I am thinking of waiting a few more weeks, maybe it’ll lower to P1000.

3 thoughts on “Slashers and CD-R King

  1. Well, there’s no use if modern slashers get to read that post; they will always have a workaround for it.

    Maganda siguro na technique, dapat islash mo rin yung mangsaslash sayo. hehe 😛

  2. hahahahaha. kalokohan yung post netong si kuya noel. “islash mo run yung mangsaslash sayo.” hahahahaha.

    kalokohan lang rin yung post ko. walang laman. 😛

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