I am an Addict


What I am doing right now is stupid. I should be concentrating on my deadlines and exams but here I am typing this post to my blog. You see, I cannot help it. My computer beckons me to use it and I am so weak not to obey. My minimum number of hours online is three hours a day. And that’s just at home. Computer use during work is not counted yet. If I add that up, it is going to be 5-7 hours a day. My head is already aching from too much exposure to the bright monitor screen. Turning down the brightness a couple of notch is not even helping. Ahhh! I better stop this. I hope that my prepaid ISP runs out soon.

5 thoughts on “I am an Addict

  1. hahahaha. di ka nag-iisa. nagquit ako ng cc kasi kailangan magconcentrate sa acads. pero noooo. lagi ako nagcocomputer. nakakinis.

    ayos lang yan, magaganda naman posts mo e. 😀 informative!

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