‘Google me’ is Not Acceptable

Like Colgate being synonymous to toothpaste and Xerox is to photocopying, Google also has become a popular term meaning to search the internet. After eight years they finally became an official word in the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. That’s something to be proud of right? But wait, Google’s trademark lawyer is not happy.

“Google, the word, now takes its place alongside the handful of proper nouns that have moved beyond a particular product to become descriptors of an entire sector — generic trademarks.”

They are worried of losing control with regard to usage of their trademark. So to avoid this Google is suggesting the following correct ways to use their name.

“Appropriate: He ego-surfs on the Google search engine to see if he’s listed in the results.

“Inappropriate: He googles himself.”

And here is the best one,

“Appropriate: I ran a Google search to check out that guy from the party.

“Inappropriate: I googled that hottie.”

Although Google has the right to be mad. I personally can’t accept the so called ‘appropriate’ use. Just too long and geeky sounding. Why trouble myself too much.

Of course I am no “market-leading company worth $113 billion” but I sure will be glad if royalflare suddenly becomes a by-word. What I’ll immediately do is cash-in on the popularity and start selling t-shirts in Divisoria.

One thought on “‘Google me’ is Not Acceptable

  1. Hahaha… perharps I’ll also think about having justNetCrap a by-word…

    How about, “I ‘justNetCrapp-ed’ my machine problem!” :p

    Well RoyalFlare seems to be becoming popular as it has been included in the pinoytopblogs. Maybe soon I’ll be seeing RoyalFlare shirts. woohoo…

    As for ‘Googling’, the company was pointing out some trademark issues. Just another legal stuff.

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