GP2X: Linux powered Game Console

I used to think the Nintendo DS is cool but after seeing the functionalities of the linux running GP2X well I am totally converted. It can not only play games but also serve as your movie and music player, photo viewer and Ebook reader. What’s more it can be connected to the TV like a PSP console. So you can view those DivX movies downloaded from the net or play those emulated classics (which seems to be the current craze in our college) on your gigantic flat screen TV in the living room.

Front View of GP2X

But why stop there, you probably might be wondering if it is fast. Well of course! You see I have a palm pilot and know fully well how annoying it is to wait for my movie to be re-encoded so I can view them on my palm. However with GP2X all I have to do is put them on the SD card and just plug and play. No worries and no wait. Wahhh! I want one! I want one! Read that Santa? I want one!

4 thoughts on “GP2X: Linux powered Game Console

  1. Ragarding gaming… I don’t think it’ll have the same games in PSP’s and NDS’s libraries… so that’s something to consider in the gaming part… Of course since it has its SDK open, anyone–who will likely be very creative–could create games for it. But I don’t think Square Enix will be interested on that…

  2. yeah I have thought about that too but I just find it so fascinating that it is powered by Linux and that it can play DivX movies without having to recode and oh plus that I can just plug it in the TV. Can PSP and NDS do that? Games are really no longer my cup of tea, I am now more for viewing than playing anyway.

  3. Well you still have to do some conversions for PSP with certain videos but it’s a fact that PSP can play videos. But I think this GP2X is still an interesting device–only not for “mainstream(?)” gaming…

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