President Halonen and Conan O’ Brien

In my Human Resource Management class one group reported about the Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden and Finland. Near the end of their presentation the last reporter mentioned about Finland’s President, Mrs. Tarja Halonen looking like Conan O’ Brien. I got curious so I scrounged the net for evidence. It is hilariously true and here are the proofs.

Apparently, base on this article, Mr. O’ Brien was not paid by Halonen’s party to help her campaign for the election. He did it purely because she looks like him. To further give you an idea about them go to this site also. It will direct you to a page where you can download video clips of both of them. The article also provided a link but it is from youtube so if you are using the UP network you probably won’t be able to view it since our servers block access to youtube. Lucky though that I found a second link which is a direct download so you won’t have any problem viewing the video. Enjoy!

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