SUSE Linux on Lenovo Laptop

In the office where I do part-time work, my co-workers and I are divided between pro-Ubuntu or pro-SUSE. Since I am a SUSE supporter I want to share this article I found about the Lenovo company agreeing to preload SUSE Linux on their Thinkpad. Another win for us! lol
By the way the reason I like SUSE over Ubuntu is because I don’t have to worry about doing an immediate update right after installation just so I can fully maximize its potential. Therefore for someone with only a modem connection at home, SUSE is for me. Don’t get me wrong, Ubuntu is great too however if I have to make a recommendation to a total Linux newbie then it has to be SUSE.

2 thoughts on “SUSE Linux on Lenovo Laptop

  1. (may konting sinat)

    well, pano yan… ei yung recommendation ko sa isang total Linux newbie (with PLDT dsl) ay Ubuntu? (Si Albi yun, DILNET app)

  2. okay rin lang naman…the linux newbies I have in mind are those people who really don’t want want to be bothered anymore of learning a few commands or tweaks to enhance their linux experience. These are the people who would rather let others do that job and expect their computers or laptops to do the stuffs they need the most without any hassle at all. Since SUSE with its 5 installation CDs obviously has packed almost everything needed. it surely wins over Ubuntu in that sense. I don’t think Albi is one of those people. Why? NagDILNET siya eh.

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