My Couple’s Bed Position

I am a fireman's carry!

Fireman’s Carry Traits and Tendencies Fireman’s Carry is the pose of two people who are fully committed. They may feel reluctant to commit to anything else in their lives (Fireman’s Carry couples tend to rent versus own, and respond to every invitation with a “maybe”), but their dedication to each other is unshakeable. Fireman’s Carriers often arrive at this level of committment rather suddenly; after a lifetime of keep-away, they encounter their person in some unexpected location (the DMV), and their reluctance to get involved evaporates with a suddenness that surprises everyone they know.
Comfort Zone The Fireman’s Carry pose is in the Wind Sleeper zone; other Wind poses you might like include The Zipper, and Bird in Hand.
A Warning about Sizing Fireman’s Carriers often think they’re shorter and thinner than they really are, which can lead to overly snug clothing if catalog shopping is relied upon too heavily.

Find your own pose!

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