Bacbacan One (S.Y. 2006-2007)

I have no watch so time specified are purely estimates and if there is any mistake or anything you’d like to add just post a comment.

Where: Department of Agriculture Sports Complex (near Philcoa)
a. Enchanted Kingdom – their theme song is part of the cheer and was also playing continuously in the morning while people are waiting for the start of Bacbacan.
b. McDo – they had a booth there selling not just what’s on their menu but also their merchandise – happy meal toys and Pacqiao caps(!?). If someone bought or has even shown interest of buying the latter, please inform me. I want to know if he/she is for real.
c. Zagu – they also have a booth there.
d. A company that was selling water. I did not hear their name correctly when the BAC mentioned it and I was not really paying attention at the corner with the food booths.
e. Kenny Rogers(?) – not really sure about this but I saw their menu brochures lined up in a way you see posters/ads are during fiestas.

What happened:
1. Morning attendance started at around 8am. Some alumnus came for Terminals support (hmmm…thank God for the ‘s’)
2. Started with year level parade. Seniors have those long (red) balloons which they waved. Terminals went last but full of energy. Some of us even used the activist’s cheer. (Which I forgot. Short-term memory)
3. Cheering competition started at around 10:15am
4. After an hour, cheering was finished then the BA Council gave their own presentation.
5. Lunch break. Virge delivered theTerminals’ food from McDo.
6. An hour of practice for the games.
7. Games started
8. It rained hard but momentarily around 6:00pm and then again around 7:30pm. (30% sure on this part about the rain. memory is a bit hazy) Championship for basketball was delayed since the rain is making the court wet and slippery.
9. Parlor games (tug-of-war and dodge ball) around 7:30
10. There was supposed to be a fireworks display at 8pm but the parlor games are not yet finished and I already left at that time. It wasn’t raining anymore so I supposed they pushed it through.

Notable things:
Freshies – Usually they have the smallest participation rate in Bacbacan but this year’s batch turns out to be active and strong. They are very good at volleyball. For sure they will dominate this event every year provided of course they don’t shift to other colleges. In basketball they also have the star player Ms. Molina who is part of the UP Women’s Basketball Varsity. She is very dangerous to guard if you can’t match her height. There is a very high probability you’d get thrown down on the court floor while near her.

Sophies – Don’t kill me for this but I honestly can’t remember..wait! Of course, their women’s basketball team is scary. They will crush you if they can since all their players can shoot with great accuracy. We got creamed quickly. Even the freshie varsity player is no match.

Juniors – Their guys look more taller and stronger than what is orginally percieved of a Junior. They got to the championship game in basketball (don’t know who won though). In futsal one of them got hit in the groin by one of us. Unintentional of course. However after that, we kicked one of them again; this time in the arse which is okay because their women simply kick arse in futsal. Our women in futsal lost to them. But hey, we got to the championships, didn’t we. That’s great!

Seniors – In my opinion they have the best Mr. and Ms Bacbacan with their Luther-Superman theme and the unexpected twist of Manny Pacquiao vs Luther at the end (since Superman was rendered weak by the red pompom Kryptonite). Most possibly this will be their year.

Terminals – Before Saturday these guys and gals practiced until midnight and were even up and bright at the 6am call time on Bacbacan day. To top it off they were even deprived of sleep from the previous days because of certain acads. Our batch rep Karren Torres lossed her voice but nevertheless still kept on cheering. Daniel has a sprained right foot but still played futsal and basketball. Injury didn’t stop him from making incredible saves and even goals in futsal. Thanks also to Manz for making most of the goals in men’s footsal. For the women’s futsal Vane made strong kicks to score while KC did fast moves to save goals. In mixed volleyball, our players gave it all their best for a win but competition this year was just too tough. To our past volleyball players it’s your fault, you could have stayed one more semester to play.*lol* Women’s basketball was murder which was kind of expected because of the freshies and sophies. But our players deserve a a big cheer because they have bravely fought against such strong enemies. Now the men’s basketball was fantastic! We might have went only upto the semi-finals but our men played great. Parel seems to be the opponent’s target for he is always getting free throws. In the parlor games, we lost twice straight in dodgeball against the freshies and the other one I forgot. We lost initially in tug-of-war against the year level which I forgot already and won against the freshies. Wait… before I almost forget to add we did an Okay Ka Fairy Ko them in Mr. and Ms. Bacbacan. It was not so great like the ones our batch is known for but I woudn’t blame them. For me, knowing they have pressures in acads, they did a great job doing one on the last minute. I am four thumbs up (hands and feet) for you batchmates!

1. Even during free throws in basketball the time is ticking. Shoudn’t it stop?
2. Scorer in basketball is not very attentive. If nobody takes notice and complains, the score of your team might already be given to the opponent.
3. The rope used in tug-of-war reminds me of the ones used in piers and harbors. Very very thick. Maybe the BAC just wants to be sure that the rope won’t snap this time.

I’d post the overall results of this years BACBACAN One next time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I’d try to dig up my brain cells for any recollection of what happened.

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