Feeling Not So Happy

For some reason I am currently not feeling jolly this week. It must be the rain or the lack of sleep or maybe I am just so bored with everything. Anyway here is another poem I wrote while aboard the MRT. Something to pass time by. I have created two of them but have not decided yet on a title. Maybe the title of this post will suffice or you may comment on one.

Here is the first:
In this state forlorn
Looking at the heavens with scorn
I wish I were never born
So I can go without feeling so torn

Life can often be terrible
And sometimes even miserable
However I know I have to be sensible
The story might still end incredible.

This is the second one:
Heart drowning with treachery
Mind racing so helplessly
Awful restlessness numbing
Vengeful thoughts consuming
To hell with this and all
I can’t wait for twilight to fall.

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