This copy of Windows is not genuine

This is not the original content of this post because I have deleted it for more than a month. The reason is out of fear that I’ll get sued for it. But now I am reconstructing a new post about removing the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notifications tool. Why? Because I found out that M$ itself is releasing a removal tool for it.

Here is another less complicated one. Just download the program and run it to your ‘infected’ computer.

This next site also will help you remove the darn application. According to wikipedia’s external links section it is another legal way to remove WGA. This site is great because there are pictures to guide you along the way.

I highly suggest that people convert to Linux or MAC instead, because Microsoft seems to be getting worse for each Windows version they come up with. I mean this WGA annoyance also affects even those with a legal copy. That is really frustrating. You pay hundreds of dollars only to be told that they at M$ have accidentally determined it was illegal and thus you have to pay again for a new copy. They only got worst with Vista already. Just look at the release date that seems to stretch up to eternity not to mention the expensive hardware requirements. Shift now before it is too late.

11 thoughts on “This copy of Windows is not genuine

  1. Definately, I would totatly agree to swtich to Linux or Mac OS as soon as possible. Once you try one of those OSes, you will see the power they have. And not to forget, most of the Linux distributions come for free!;-)

    I would recommend the Universal operating system. GNU/Debian Linux. You can get it from

  2. […] Another question, correct me if I’m wrong but why does it seem that Microsoft has a workaround with regard to the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool? The problem for these all small or big firms or organisations is that , even if they love to switch to free OS and software, they can not do it now because its hard to find Linux literate people to work on and if found they cost a lot. […]

  3. dude, linux on the other
    hand does NOT do some stupid
    Genuine advantage “nagware”.
    i advise everyone to switch to
    linux. its mostly free. too!

  4. We don’t even know how to program our Ipod let alone download fake software. A demand to download an application that could check our software started popping up three weeks ago. I was warned by the computer not to do it because it would allow software to check up on me whenever they want, so I refused. Then I started getting ‘this is not genuine software’ messages! We bought our computer with the software from a reputable local computer company and have a sticker on the bottom that says the software is genuine, and have used it for 4 years with no problem. I am planning to switch to Linux and Mac, believe me.

  5. Wouldn’t agree that Microsoft is getting worse from one version to another. Windows 7 is likely to be a perspective OS but if one doesn’t want to pay for it, there are different ways to do it: use WGA removers or don’t install updates like KB971033. Closer links:

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