Sunday Adventure

I have been spending three Sundays of my life learning about Islam. It’s similar to those Christian Bible studies. Anyways, my mom forces me to go there so to let the world know I have learned something from it I’m writing this post.

1. If the preacher emphasizes more on the rewards then they get more people to accept what they say. It seems living in a mansion in heaven is the way to go. I wonder what happens if some of their family members gets stuck in hell, is the mansion still that inviting?

2. If the preacher reminds them of punishments then people become scared of doing bad things. Duh! Look at prisons. Muslim or not it’s always full.

3. People so engrossed with religion can be very closed minded at times. My evidence is when one participant told the class that the Da Vinci Code movie shows proof of the holes in Christianity. Isn’t the book fictional? Last I’ve heard fictional meant conjured up by the author’s imagination.

4. Women have to cover themselves from head to toe so men will not be tempted to think and do evil deeds such as rape and leaving their wife, not that this last reason matters when they can legally have four wives. Hmm… is rape really non existent in Islamic countries? Men, what do you think?

5. They are the only way to heaven. It sure is going to be crowded in hell. What happens to the aborigines? Is God that uncaring for his children? I guess whatever good one does on earth if he isn’t Muslim he goes to hell. I pity Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama’s sacrifices then.

6. God should be called Allah. To call Him God, is like putting gender in his personality because you can have Goddess for women. Now this is just being technical about it. Then again they made 99 names of Allah. This by the way is about the traits he has.

I may sound so critical with these observations but I’m afraid I’m just one those people who takes faith separately from religion. I am not a Godless person. In fact, God is my perfect reason in life. For me He is incomprehensible in ways of putting balance in this chaotic cosmos. When I get lucky then great, then if it’s all downhill then it’s because something better is in store for me or I was simply ‘asking for it’. The problem with people nowadays is that they tend to personify God to have traits similar to them – love and hate. Can He not be just neutral?

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