Love a Convict

Out of 138 Americans, one of them is currently in jail. Most people should think that this is great news as the bad apples in the dating field is already safely locked behind bars but some Americans still seems to carry that spirit of adventure by wanting to hook up with a convict. They have websites that can help you find the perfect gal or guy waiting for you in prison. Like any typical dating sites. You search by profile,age or race and even know what he or she is in for. Examples are and Just in case your also interested though please be warned. The pictures might be fake or old. They could possibly be understating their age especially the women. They might be shorting their release date. In short lying in just about everything. However if by some stroke of lunacy you went ahead and found yourself of lovey dovey…you can send her or him a gift through JC’s Gift CONnection. I even found a portal of ways to increase your chances of findind/keeping that (un)chained love.

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