Farenheit 9/11

I am watching farenheit 9/11 at the moment(actually it was last night) and I am burning. Burning with rage that such a person like Bush exists and even become President of one of the most influential nation in the world. If he were right in front of me and I have a gun in my hand I can kill him. Just one look at his face and you can see that he is exuding with dumbness.

Another thought:
There are two marines in the movie finding new recruits. However one kid is expressing concern that he would rather live his college life without the fear of dying. My thoughts are that its okay to die for a certain principle as long as it is something rational, real and solid. Dying for one stupid assshole sitting his pretty white ass up in the whitehouse is definitely not my idea of dying for a cause. The mujaheedins have a better concept of dying.

I am seeing two women crying right now and a college student being tied down. And rage is simply consuming me.Why don’t people use their head. You don’t just accept what you hear or see. The data should be processed inside your head. It should be absorbed and digested. However kudos for those who do think. You Bush should have choked to death with that pretzel.

lessons learned:
Let the people hear what they want to hear. It will dull their brain for a minute.
“immoral behaviour breeds immoral behaviour”

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