Lucky Me

My teacher in PI 100 is an activist, not that I have any qualms about it. But it seems that I can never say anything good in class. I think I shoudn’t have worn my sunglasses as a hairband and told her I am from CBA. Despite her indirect address of accusing remarks, I am enjoying PI 100. I like how the mind of an activist works. They seem to know a lot of controversial things that one normally does not read in newspapers.With Eng 12, it has of course numerous books to read but I like my porfessor. I don’t feel intimidated, shy or bored at all. I honestly think she has this greek lineage in her, because of those locks of hair. We read out loud in class some of the important and vivid text in Homer’s Iliad, eventhough we are pressed for time. I think I got lucky this time with my English class. As for my Nat Sci, the physics teacher reminded me of Bert Marcelo. He has this uncanny resemblance to the deceased comedian, in the manner of laughing. Even if we don’t get his jokes, the class always ends up laughing with him. It’s simply too contagious! I wonder how I’d fare with the set of professors I’d get next semester. It seems I’ve already had 3 straight lucks. And if superstitions are correct, next will be 3 straight badlucks. OMG!

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