Class starts on Monday. I have 3 subjects for a total of 6 hours a per day, everyday. I still have SA work to boot. Lucky I have Abad for my PI 100 and read Rizal’s biography in advance. Nat Sci’s chemistry part won’t be problem I supposed, not when I’ve finished Chem 16 and Chem 1 already. I’m confident I can manage the Physics too. I only wish I could say the same for my English 12 World Literature. English professors give the lowest grades in all GE courses. To be honest grading in English class is mostly based on the professor. It’s his discretion if you can have that 1 or not but they usually take joy in giving 2.5. Arghh… it’ll be readings galore for sure. Lucky I cancelled Envi Sci in CRS or else i’ll be reading and reading and reading till my eyes pop.

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