Wrath of God?

This late December 2004, Asia had an earthqauke with a 9.0 magnitude which then caused a 20m tsunami on different countries. It claimed thousands of lives, damaged millions of dollars worth of infrastructure and took away the smiles from hundreds of families this holiday season.During all the rescue operations and constant update reports on televisions and radios one thing is left to be done. Start asking questions.

Why the heck did this happen? Such bad timing too. He somehow must have a good reason to do this. (Why can’t it be North America instead? They sure need some thorough cleansing there. LOL) Dad says, it’s a sign that the world is coming to an end. It would seem like God is angry and wants to punish His children. Kind of like a wake up call to start praying, confess and reform. But is it so?

I’d like to believe that God is helping us. Not in a wake-up call way but rather in a because-your-too-damned-many-so-i-help way. That is the only reason I can think of without ending with blowing up the universe, making God look bad, and reasonably answering why ‘developing’ countries were hit. Population is so high that God must naturally think of a quick way to decrease it and at maintain the balance of everything.

God is good. God is smart. Reducing Him into someone who is subject also to sinful emotions totally discredits the first two sentences and would even make Him officially classifiable in the category of Humans!

God is god…no more no less.

One thought on “Wrath of God?

  1. mababalik pa ba yung pera ko nang dalawang humingi sakin ng tulong para garanturan ko. hindi na sila nagbayad

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