Anime Rocks

It is annoying to see some people look down on anime. Yeah it looks like cartoon but it doesn’t mean that it features merely senseless talk and slapstick humor for children (not that what I have just mentioned is best for children anyway- talk about Nickelodeon, sheesh).

Anime is made by a nation where there is strict adherence to right conduct. Adding this and the fact that they have endless resources from brains to clams and then multiplying it to the undisputable fact of having citizens who are walking ticking bombs of craziness you end up with the best kind of animation.

There are different anime for each type of person in this world. Even those considered for kids can be appreciated by adults too. It not just limited to the fantasy genre like those of Disney, in fact it mostly dwells on characters with a typical normal life. Going to school, making friends and falling in love. It can even boldly mirror situations and actions which are considered taboo so that people can understand them better. For example governement issues, environmental problems and perversion. Anime will let you experience everthing. It stimulates the mind, reaffirm our morals and values and keep us entertained all at the same time.

To those non-anime fanatics yet, you should try it. You are really missing a whole lot if you don’t.

One thought on “Anime Rocks

  1. Actually, people tend to think that anime and cartoons and one and the same, which is, I strongly stressed, not true. Sometimes, you can just appreciate someone who can differentiate these two… (maybe that’s one reason why I fully intended to enter an anime org in college when I was still in high school… my classmates sometimes never saw the difference). *grin*

    P.S. Watch Studio Ghibli films… some are old but all of them are considered classics (Spirited Away, Mononoke Hime, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc etc)

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